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The EMCA wiki bibliography database is an attempt to digitize, maintain and extend the EMCA bibliographies maintained since the 1990s by Paul ten Have.

We need people to both submit new publications, but also to help digitize the existing collection by taking items from the Static EMCA bibliographies and adding them to the dynamic database, as described below.


The bibliography lists academic work that is based mainly on EM/CA methods and approaches and/or positions its findings directly in relation to past or current work in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis. If you are unsure whether an item fits this description and would like to discuss it, please contact The EMCA wiki Admins.

How to add items

You can add items to the EMCA Wiki bibliographies in three ways:

  1. You can email with a link to the publication/s you want to add.
  2. You can register for an account then add bibliography entries manually.
  3. Please check that your entries are not already in the bibliography first.
  4. You can import a BibTex file containing many references at once.

However in the latter two you will have to be careful to prepare the references before importing them to make sure they're correct and complete. Below are explanations of some of the steps in this process.

Some important notes to remember when adding entries

  • Please only submit fully published entries to the bibliography (i.e. no 'in press' or 'online first' entries). For pending entries, add them to the PendingPublication page and we'll add them once they are fully published.
  • Please check before you add entries that they don't already exist in the wiki (use the top right search box).
  • Please use at least the keyword 'EMCA' on all EM/CA publications so they appear in the main bibliography. Feel free to use any other relevant keywords (and please translate them into English if necessary, put non-English keywords in the 'abstract' or 'notes' field)
  • Please make sure to include abstracts in your entries. If your entries do not have an abstract in English, please create one (a simplified version will do).
  • Please title the page entries with the title FirstAuthornameYYYY - and don't use special characters or spaces.

Naming conventions

  • The naming protocol for papers is: FirstauthorYYYY (so Sacks, Schegloff and Jefferson 1974 would be: Sacks1974).
  • For the second publication in the same year by the same first author use FirstauthorYYYYa (i.e. Sacks1974, Sacks1974a etc.).
  • If there are multiple publications by authors with the same last name who are also sometimes co-authors, use Initial(s)FirstauthorYYYY eg. CGoodwinYYYY or MHGoodwinYYYY.

Adding authors

Authors on EMCA wiki have full names, we add them with the format:

Forename Surname

If there are multiple authors, use semicolons to separate them:

Forename Surname; Forename Surname

If there are initials, please include them with a period:

Forename I. Surname


We have several specialist bibliographies on the site, based on Paul ten Have's original lists. If you want your addition to appear in the list, please use the following (possibly multiple) keyword groups:

You may also add any other keywords (or use any that are already in your bibtex file) - you will get auto-completable suggestions as you add entries, or check PopularTags to see which keywords are most used.

Bibliography Keys

You'll notice when importing a file that the title of the page is something like Sacks1974

This is because we need to have unique keys for each paper/book etc., which may have the same titles. If you are importing something and the key is already taken, please give it another name when importing it, for example: Sacks1974a or Sacks1974b.

Getting BibTex files to import

You can export a BibTex file for importing into this wiki from most popular bibliography software tools such as Mendeley, Zotero or Papers. When doing so, please try importing a few first, to get the hang of it.

Some publishers' website also export BibTeX files so you can speed up the process of making entries to the wiki by using those files. See how to use publisher BibTeX files to add entries to the bibliography.

Entry types

We have 9 main bibliography entry types, you should get an error if you choose a specific type but do not add it's required fields in your new entry. Use whichever optional fields you feel are necessary.

    • Default entry type, use for articles in journals with volume/number etc.
    • An article from a journal or magazine.
    • Required fields: author, title, journal, year.
    • Optional fields: volume, number, pages, month, note.
  • BOOK
    • A book with an explicit publisher.
    • Required fields: author or editor, title, publisher, year.
    • Optional fields: volume or number, series, address, edition, month, note.
    • A book composed of a collection of chapters by different authors.
    • Required fields: editor(s), title, publisher, year.
    • Optional fields: volume or number, series, type, address, edition, month, note.
    • Since there are only editors (no overall authors) for a collection, DO NOT put the editors names in the author fields as well.
    • NB: this is a change (as of September 2017) to how the wiki works - so you may find some older entries for collections in the 'book' category that list the editors in the 'authors field'. Please do not do that - just delete the authors and change the item category to 'collection'.
    • A part of a book, which may be a chapter (or section or whatever) and/or a range of pages.
    • Required fields: author or editor, title, chapter and/or pages, publisher, year.
    • Optional fields: volume or number, series, type, address, edition, month, note.
    • Articles in conference proceedings - similar to INCOLLECTION but may have 'organization' entry details too if no publisher.
    • A PhD thesis.
    • Required fields: author, title, school, year.
    • Optional fields: type, address, month, note.
    • A report published by a school or other institution, usually numbered within a series.
    • Required fields: author, title, institution, year.
    • Optional fields: type, number, address, month, note.
    • A part of a book by a single author or authors, which may be a chapter (or section or whatever) and/or a range of pages.
    • Required fields: author or editor, title, chapter and/or pages, publisher, year.
    • Optional fields: volume or number, series, type, address, edition, month, note.
  • MISC
    • Use this type when nothing else fits.
    • Required fields: none.
    • Optional fields: author, title, howpublished, month, year, note.

Known issues or problems

There are some problems and quirks with data entry in this version of EMCAwiki, please check these out so you know how to avoid them, and let us know if you find any more: