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Recent publications

Latest five 2016/2017 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Patel-etal2016: Menisha Patel, Christian Heath, Paul Luff, Dirk vom Lehn, Jason Cleverly (2016) Playing with words: creativity and interaction in museums and galleries
  • Edwards2017: Derek Edwards, Jonathan Potter (2017) Some uses of subject-side assessments
  • Gordon2017: Cynthia Gordon, Didem İkizoğlu (2017) ‘Asking for another' online: Membership categorization and identity construction on a food and nutrition discussion board
  • Kaneyasu2017: Michiko Kaneyasu, Shoichi Iwasaki (2017) '
  • Maynard2017: Douglas W. Maynard, David Schelly (2017) Tunnel vision in a murder case: Telephone interaction between police detectives and the prime suspect

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