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Recent publications

Latest five 2018/2019 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Froholdt2019: Lisa Loloma Froholdt (2019) “The helm is lost!”: Reframing psychological matters in non-routine technologically mediated interaction in a maritime context
  • Arano2019: Yusuke Arano (2019) Interculturality as an interactional achievement: Doubting others’ nationality and accounting for the doubt
  • Campbell2019: Betsy Campbell (2019) Practice Theory in Action. Empirical Studies of Interaction in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Solem-Skovholt2019: Marit Skarbø Solem, Karianne Skovholt (2019) Teacher Formulations in Classroom Interactions
  • Cannon2018: Caitlyn Cannon, Joanne Meredith, Susan Speer, Warren Mansell (2018) A Conversation analysis of asking about disruptions in Method of Levels psychotherapy

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