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Recent publications

Latest five 2017/2018 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Turowetz-Maynard2018: Jason Turowetz, Douglas W. Maynard (2018) Narrative Methods for Differential Diagnosis in a Case of Autism
  • DeStefani2018b: Elwys De Stefani (2018) Formulating direction: Navigational instructions in driving lessons
  • Rauniomaa-etal2018a: Mirka Rauniomaa, Esko Lehtonen, Heikki Summala (2018) Noticings with instructional implications in post-licence driver training
  • Deppermann2018: Arnulf Deppermann (2018) Instruction practices in German driving lessons: Differential uses of declaratives and imperatives
  • Broth-etal2018: Mathias Broth, Jakob Cromdal (2018) Showing where you're going. Instructing the accountable use of the indicator in live traffic

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