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Recent publications

Latest five 2018/2019 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Hofstetter2018a: Emily Hofstetter, Jessica Robles (2019) Manipulation in Board Game Interactions: Being a Sporting Player
  • Pino-Parry2019b: Marco Pino, Ruth Parry (2019) Talking about death and dying: Findings and insights from five conversation analytic studies (Editorial)
  • Daskin2019: Nilüfer Can Daşkın, Çiler Hatipoğlu (2019) Reference to a past learning event in teacher turns in an L2 instructional setting
  • Redaelli-Carassa2018: Ilaria Redaelli, Antonella Carassa (2018) New Perspectives on Plans: Studying Planning as an Instance of Instructed Action
  • Traverso2018a: Véronique Traverso (2018) Demander de l'aide à la permanence d'accès aux droits d'un centre social: modalités de construction des requêtes

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