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Recent publications

Latest five 2017/2018 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Mondeme2018: Chloé Mondémé (2018) Comment parle-t-on aux animaux? Formes et effets pragmatiques de l’adresse aux animaux de compagnie
  • Keisanen-etal2017: Tiina Keisanena, Mirka Rauniomaab, Pauliina Siitonena (2017) Transitions as sites of socialization in family interaction outdoors
  • Stevanovic-Weiste2017: Melisa Stevanovic, Elina Weiste (2017) Conversation-analytic data session as a pedagogical institution
  • SJJohnson2017: Sarah Jean Johnson (2017) Agency, accountability and affect: Kindergarten children's orchestration of reading with a friend
  • Traverso2017a: Véronique Traverso (2017) Déambulations autour du paradigme et de la temporalité de l'interaction

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