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Recent publications

Latest five 2015/2016 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Capelle2016: Camille Capelle (2016) La démonstration de logiciel : enjeux et spécificités interactionnelles entre concepteurs et usagers
  • Muller2016: Sophie Merit Müller (2016) Becoming the Phenomenon? An Alternative Approach to Reflexivity in Ethnography
  • Balaman2016: Ufuk Balaman (2016) A Conversation Analytic Study on the Development of Interactional Competence in English in an Online Task-Oriented Environment
  • Heritage2016b: Margaret Heritage (2016) Assessment for Learning: Co-Regulation in and as Student–Teacher Interaction
  • Raymond2016: Chase Wesley Raymond (2016) Reconceptualizing identity and context in the deployment of forms of address

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