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Recent publications

Latest five 2020/2021 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Fox2021: Barbara A. Fox, Trine Heinemann (2021) Are They Requests? An Exploration of Declaratives of Trouble in Service Encounters
  • Sorensen2021: Søren Sandager Sørensen (2021) Affiliating in Second Position: Response Tokens with Rising Pitch in Danish
  • Pelikan2020: Hannah R. M. Pelikan (2020) Intermediate-Level Knowledge: A Conversation Analysis Perspective
  • Velkovska2020a: Julia Velkovska, Moustafa Zouinar, Clair-Antoine Veyrier (2020) Les relations aux machines "conversationnelles": Vivre avec les assistants vocaux à la maison
  • Velkovska2020: Julia Velkovska, Marc Relieu (2020) Pourquoi ethnographier les interactions avec les agents conversationnels ?

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