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Hello, I'm Saul. I am one of Paul ten Have's bibliography elves, and a postdoc in Psychology and Computer Science at Tufts University.

I made this wiki. If you have any questions, ask me on this page, or you can always find me at


This is my scratchpad for ideas and issues relating to - if it gets big and unwieldy I'll move it somewhere else but for now it's just a dumping ground for random wiki ideas and other stuff.

Ideas (on todo list for next version)

Problem with browsing the database by author

User:Clair-AntoineVeyrier pointed this out: it's a PITA searching for authors in the EMCA bibliography database.

I'm not really happy with the bibliography database browsing system. It's a compromise at the moment - the interface and the entries are not fully generated by the wiki - they are actually generated by the bibtex file the wiki exports each time we add something. That's why it takes 5 minutes to create a new entry.

However, for the moment, you can actually do something like this quite easily:

That will give you all Schegloff's publications.

I have been experimenting with creating author wiki pages that use this feature:


So that if someone clicks on the links that appear in the right hand side of the entry, they get taken to this 'author page', but I'm not sure about how these ought to work yet...

For the next version of the wiki I'd definitely like to make the generation of lists and references all wiki-native, that would mean we could more easily switch between APA / MLA formats etc.

Abstracts should be in BibTex and database

When we search for an item in the "browse the entire database", the abstract do not appear in the bibtex file. This has different implications:

  • When downloading bibtex, the abstract is not included.
  • People do not necessarily know that abstracts are associated with items (unless they access through the twitter link).
  • If they know, they have to discover that "edit" brings to the item URL which displays the abstract.
  • An [abstract] item showing more when clicked (like when [bibtex] is clicked) would be nice to have

DOI / ISBN / url to Bibtex

It's a PITA to download a bibtex file, then upload it to the wiki, it would make much more sense to just enter a DOI / ISBN / url and see if we can get structured data straight into the wiki. This shouldn't be hard at all, there are lots of libraries that support this:

It's not at all clear to me what the most graceful way to implement this would be in MediaWiki / Semantic Forms (there are probably internal data retrieval tools that could do this nicely), but it's definitely something I'd like to add to the next version of the wiki.

Possible implementation options:

Suggested display changes to the bibliography

Andrei suggests changes to the display of the bibliography:


 Ilkka Arminen, Christian Licoppe, Anna Spagnolli, (2016), "Respecifying Mediated Interaction", 
 Research on Language and Social Interaction, Informa UK Limited, vol. 49, no. 4, pp. 290–309.
  • Is it possible to remove commas after the authors, year, and article title and place a point after the article title?
  • Can you make the system not to display the publisher in the record for article? I think, this is unnecessary information in case of journals.

The desired result would be:

 Ilkka Arminen, Christian Licoppe, Anna Spagnolli (2016) "Respecifying Mediated Interaction”. 
 Research on Language and Social Interaction, vol. 49, no. 4, pp. 290–309.

The same applies to the chapters in books:

  • Can you make the system to insert colon, instead of comma, between the place of publishing and the publisher? Right now the format is: London, Routledge. I think it would be more convenient to have it as: London: Routledge.
  • Can you change the format for the number of pages in the book? Now it is:
 Jun Xu, (2016), "Displaying Recipiency: Reactive tokens in Mandarin task-oriented interaction",
 John Benjamins, pp. 198.

I think, it would be better to replace the comma after the publisher with the point plus change “pp. 198” to “198 p.”. The result would be (if incorporate my suggestions from first two points of my list):

 Jun Xu (2016) "Displaying Recipiency: Reactive tokens in Mandarin task-oriented interaction”.
 John Benjamins. 198 p.

And maybe it would be better to remove quotation marks from the titles of books and italicize them. This way:

 Jun Xu (2016) Displaying Recipiency: Reactive tokens in Mandarin task-oriented interaction. 
 John Benjamins. 198 p.

Known issues with the wiki

Copy paste emails

It's hard to add your first entry the most frequent mistake is with page names

Dear X,

I just saw you added your first bibliography entry 
to the EMCA wiki - thanks! 

I just edited it and moved it to this page:

I did this because you had called the page "XXXX" - which 
has a few problems: firstly, you have multiple publications,
so we need a unique bibliographical key for each entry
(for example: Author2014 / Author2014a / Author1999 etc.). 

Secondly, because the bibliography is also machine readable
(using BibTex), we can't have spaces or special characters 
(!@$%# etc.) in the page names. Therefore, in your subsequent 
entries, please use the following format for page names:


any subsequent entries by the same first author could be: 


There are more tips and a full manual about adding entries
and the quirks of the site - such as it is - here:

Thanks, and again - thanks for your first contribution! 
It takes a while to get used to, but I hope once you've 
added a few entries it will make more sense. 


Saul and the EMCA wiki team.

This is the email I send out to people who offer to help:

Thanks very much for getting in touch. I've created you an account and
you should soon receive an automatic email allowing you to set a password.
You should then be able to add publications to the bibliography.

Feel free to email the admin group if you are having any trouble - it's
always useful to have feedback on the system as it's in development.

You'll find more information on adding items to the bibliographies here:

Thanks again for offering to contribute, and all the best,

Saul and the EMCA wiki team.

This is a slightly more detailed email inviting people to participate on a more ongoing basis as a member of the admin group


Thank you for offering to add to the emcawiki!  

I've created you an account so you should have an automated email inviting you to log in and change your password. 
Let me know if it doesn't arrive - but also check your spam folder, sometimes the email ends up there.

There's a guide to adding new entries here:

There are also a few key points when adding bibliography entries that may not be intuitive. 

Please only submit fully published entries to the bibliography (i.e. no 'in press' or 'online first' entries). 
For pending entries, add them to the PendingPublication page and we'll add them once they are fully published.

* Please check before you add entries that they don't already exist in the wiki (use the top right search box).
* Please use at least the keyword 'EMCA' on all EM/CA publications so they appear in the main bibliography. 
  Feel free to use any other relevant keywords (and please translate them into English if necessary)
* Please make sure to include abstracts in your entries. If your entries do not have an abstract in English, please 
   create one (a simplified version will do).
* Please title the page entries with the title FirstAuthornameYYYY - and don't use special characters or spaces.
* Let me know if you have any questions - and thanks again for offering to contribute to the wiki!

Once you're up and running, and you're certain that you willing to accept the challenge of doing this on an ongoing basis
and contributing to occasional admin discussions on our email lists and (occasionally) at conferences, let me know 
and I'll add you to the EM/CA wiki admins page:



Just to remind myself:

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