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Recent publications

Latest five 2017/2018 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Rasmussen-etal2019b: Gitte Rasmussen, Elisabeth Muth Andersen, Elisabeth Dalby Kristiansen (2019) Professional interactional practices in dementia care
  • Rasmussen2018: Gitte Rasmussen (2018) On the Social Constraints of Having a World
  • Rasmussen2017: Gitte Rasmussen (2017) The use of pictures for interactional purposes and the grammar of social interaction
  • Kristiansen-etal2019: Elisabeth Dalby Kristiansen, Gitte Rasmussen, Elisabeth Muth Andersen (2019) Practices for making residents’ wishes fit institutional constraints: a case of manipulation in dementia care
  • Andersen-etal2019a: Elisabeth Muth Andersen, Elisabeth Dalby Kristiansen, Gitte Rasmussen (2019) Routines of ‘sitting’ and ‘enjoying ourselves’ in the common room of a dementia unit

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