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Recent publications

Latest five 2017/2018 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Neyland-Whittle2018: Daniel Neyland, Andrea Whittle (2018) Garfinkel on strategy: Using ethnomethodology to make sense of ‘‘rubbish strategy”
  • NguyenMalabarba2019: (2019) Conversation Analytic Perspectives on English Language Learning, Teaching and Testing in Global Contexts
  • Kimura-etal2018: Daisuke Kimura, Taiane Malabarba, Joan Kelly Hall (2018) Data collection considerations for classroom interaction research: A conversation analytic perspective
  • Gerhardt-Reber2019a: Cornelia Gerhardt, Elisabeth Reber (2019) Epilogue
  • Edmonds-Weatherall2019: David Matthew Edmonds, Ann Weatherall (2019) Managing verbal and embodied conduct in telephone-mediated service encounters

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