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Invitation to Submit Materials

We invite members of the community to donate materials:

  • syllabi
  • course outlines
  • powerpoint slides
  • student participation and assignment exercises
  • assessment techniques
  • online resources and useful links
  • reference materials / book lists

Links to Teaching resources

Tutorials & Talks

  • Paul ten Have: “Doing CA”, A slide show; a 11-slide introduction, based on my book Doing conversation analysis,  for a ‘master class’ at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, 20 May 2009: a downloadable exe-file that can be played on any computer or a pdf-file with the text of the slides


  • Centre for Applied Interaction Research (University College London),Introductory reading lists, software for audio and video data manipulation, guidelines for transcription:  http://www.ucl.ac.uk/cair/resources_folder
  • CLAN:software for the transcription, coding, analysis, and sharing of transcripts of conversations linked to either audio or video media:info here.

Course syllabi & (PP) presentations

  • Virginia Teas Gill:course Syllabus:  Social Interaction: PDF


Other resources

  • An article for a qualitative researcher readership introducing the ideas of conversation analysis, with accessible illustrations and a reading list, written by Celia Kitzinger and Merran Toerien: http://www.aqr.org.uk/indepth/summer2009/
  • There's a great bibliography of Social Studies of Science by Michael Mair, Christian Greiffenhagen and Wes Sharrock - full of EM/CA references, and very useful for relating EM/CA to the broader literature on that topic.


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