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Recent publications

Latest five 2016/2017 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Bjorklund2018: Daniel Björklund (2018) Drilling the mirror routine: From non‐situated looking to mobile practice in driver training
  • Park-Kim2018: Yujong Park, Heeju Kim (2018) Procedural Display and Shadowing in L2 English Lessons - A Look at Korean Kindergarten Classrooms
  • Mondada2018d: Lorenza Mondada (2018) Driving instruction at high speed on a race circuit: Issues in action formation and sequence organization
  • Roh-Lee2018: Teri Rose Dominica Roh, A. Virginia Acuna Ferreira (2018) Teacher repetition as an instructional resource for classroom interaction: Three pedagogical actions in kindergartens in an EFL context
  • Smoliak-etal2018: Olga Smoliak, Amanda Le Couteur, Christopher Quinn‐Nilas (2018) Issuing and Responding to Unusual Questions: A Conversation Analytic Account of Tom Andersen's Therapeutic Practice

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