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Recent publications

Latest five 2016/2017 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Heinemann2017a: Trine Heinemann (2017) Receipting Answers That are Counter to Expectations: The Polar Question-Answer- N\aa Sequence in Danish
  • Persson2017: Rasmus Persson (2017) Fill-in-the-Blank Questions in Interaction: Incomplete Utterances as a Resource for Doing Inquiries
  • Mikesell-etal2017: Lisa Mikesell, Galina B. Bolden, Jenny Mandelbaum, Jeffrey D. Robinson, Tanya Romaniuk, Alexa Bola~nos-Carpio, Darcey Searles, Wan Wei, Stephen M. DiDomenico, Beth Angell (2017) At the Intersection of Epistemics and Action: Responding with I Know
  • Laanesoo-Keevallik2017: Kirsi Laanesoo, Leelo Keevallik (2017) Noticing Breaches with Nonpolar Interrogatives: Estonian Kes (“Who”) Ascribing Responsibility for Problematic Conduct
  • Kawashima2017: Michie Kawashima (2017) Four Ways of Delivering Very Bad News in a Japanese Emergency Room

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