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Recent publications

Latest five 2016/2017 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Mair-etal2016a: Michael Mair, Christian Greiffenhagen, Wes Sharrock (2016) Statistical Practice: Putting Society on Display
  • Kuttner2018: Uwe-A. Küttner (2018) Investigating Inferences in Sequences of Action: The Case of Claiming “Just-Now” Recollection with Oh That’s Right
  • Deppermann2018c: Arnulf Deppermann (2018) Inferential Practices in Social Interaction: A Conversation-Analytic Account
  • Sormani2018: (2018) Practicing Art/Science: Experiments in an Emerging Field
  • White2018: Sarah J. White (2018) Conversation Analysis: An Introduction to Methodology, Data Collection, and Analysis

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