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Known issues (on tofix list)

Spaces in page titles problem

When creating a bibliography entry, using spaces in the page title means the BibTex (the computer-readable version) won't be valid. As a result, the entry won't be displayed correctly on the resulting page. A sensible way of dealing with this automatically would be to suppress spaces in new entry names automatically in the next version.

Temporary solution:

Remove all spaces or special characters from page/entry names and BibTex keys when adding entries using the bibtex import.

Double quotes and square brackets in titles problem

When adding titles with double quotes to the wiki, ordinary double quotes are 'escaped' in BibTex titles, leading to weird display problems (TitlesWithNoSpaces for example). In future versions, emcawiki software will replace double quotes in title fields with proper unicode double quote marks: U+201C (double open) and U+201D (double close).

I've also discovered that square brackets: [ and ] in page titles don't work nicely either. That will also need to be sorted out in the next version.

Temporary solution:

Replace any normal quote marks (") with these: “ ” - copy and paste them from here if you need to, or from this page:

Similarly, replace square brackets with ordinary brackets: not ideal, but it'll have to do for now. When doing this, perhaps put 'Needs review' in the tag list so it can be changed later.

Duplicate entry problem

There is still the risk that someone may add a duplicate entry. This is easily remedied by deleting it once found, and it's really only a temporary problem (once all the lists have been digitized, we'll only be adding new items). Nonetheless, I have added instructions to each of the bibliographies asking people who want to add items to the bibliographies to check against the lists.

Also when new adding papers, the rationalised naming structure of each page AuthorNameYYYY (e.g. Schegloff1992, Schegloff1992a, Schegloff1992b etc.) should make it relatively straight forward to notice if you're adding a duplicate and the system will not allow identically titled pages to be created.

If this becomes a problem further down the line, I'll think about addressing it with a technical solution, but for the moment we haven't had the problem arising yet...

Temporary Solution

For the moment I've made a shared dropbox folder with copies of Paul's pdfs. People who are doing a lot of digitizing can subscribe to the folder and update the file they're working on. I know this is not ideal, but transferring those PDFS to wiki format is a *lot* of work.

Multiple bibliography problem

There's a related problem: how do we check whether new entries have been added to the right bibliographies? Especially when they appear in multiple bibliographies in the first place. This is a problem for us as much as for other people.

Temporary solution

I found a reasonable solution to this: a slightly sophisticated Google Search:

For example, Clair-Antoine added the introduction to 'Embodied Interaction language and body in the material world', the 2011 book by Streeck, Goodwin and LeBaron. I wanted to find out whether this was already in the bibliography, so I searched google for: "Embodied Interaction language and body in the material world"

Click here to try it out.

This looks through Paul's site for this title. The results indicated it was in three bibliographies:

So I was able to edit it and make sure it was tagged to appear in all three.

Special characters problem

  • I've discovered that using special characters such as ø or ü, acutes, graves, umlauts, cedillas etc. in page titles messes with the BibTex export function of the wiki. In future versions the wiki software will automatically remove these from page titles and bibtex entries.

Temporary solution

Simply remove these characters from Page Titles and BibTex keys - while keeping them in the Author Name fields. For example: (a acute).

Caching dynamic pages problem

  • Sometimes when I update an announcement, news item etc. that is meant to show up on a dynamic page (e.g. front page, or the training page) it doesn't show up until I edit and refresh the page. That's no good.


Next time I'm doing updates to the wiki, I should install the extension and add __NOCACHE__ to the dynamic pages.

Other issues (maybe fix)

  • n/a

Won't fix

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