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Recent publications

Latest five 2019/2020 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Luke2021: Kang Kwong Luke (2021) Parties and voices On the joint construction of conversational turns
  • Lee2021: Jieun Lee, Seoyeon Hong (2021) Help me to help you to help me: a conversation analytic study of other-initiated repairs in a case of Korean–Russian interpreter-mediated investigative interviews in South Korea
  • Lerner2021: Gene H. Lerner, Geoffrey Raymond (2021) Body Trouble: Some Sources of Difficulty in the Progressive Realization of Manual Action
  • Drake2021a: Veronika Drake, Andrea Golato, Peter Golato (2021) How a Terminal Tag Can Display Epistemic Stance and Constrain Responses: The Case of Oder Nicht in German
  • Xie2021: Yarong Xie, Steve Kirkwood, Eric Laurier, Sue Widdicombe (2021) Racism and misrecognition

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