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A list of links to videos or video repositories of interest for EMCA


  • Adam Brandt's Youtube Playlist of EMCA-relevant videos/lectures
  • http://aiemca.net/
    • Broadly addressing themes in applied conversation analysis, several new videos taken at ICCA and Loughborough have been placed online at http://aiemca.net/ There are also new videos from Charles Antaki and Joyce Lamerichs talking on the theme of applied linguistics. With Charles addressing the history and raising the importance of ethics and Joyce taking us through her experience of applying conversation analysis to assist adolescents in peer health counselling. There is also a link to the documentary of Max Atkinson's (and briefly, John Heritage) application of CA in public speeches. Some of the archival material has also been re-hosted with the purdue symposium now available in Archival material. For more videos and to catch up on the good introductions to EM by Jack Bilmes and Mike Emmison have a look at the youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/AIEMCA Information provided by Edward Reynolds, Webmaster Australian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
  • Some great video interviews with Wes Sharrock on the Manchester sociology blog.

Public talks


Other Relevant Media

See also the video section of the EMCA Teaching resources page.