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Recent publications

Latest five 2016/2017 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Logren2017b: Aija Logren, Johanna Ruusuvuori, Jaana Laitinen (2017) Group members’ questions shape participation in health counselling and health education
  • Carranza2017: Ariel Vázquez Carranza (2017) Some uses of ‘no’ in Spanish talk-in-interactions
  • Carranza2017b: Ariel Vázquez Carranza (2017) If vegetables could talk …: A structural and sequential analysis of buying and selling interactions in a Mexican fruit and vegetable shop
  • Robles2017: Jessica S. Robles (2017) Misunderstanding as a resource in interaction
  • Robles2017b: Jessica S Robles, Anastacia Kurylo (2017) ‘Let’s have the men clean up’: Interpersonally communicated stereotypes as a resource for resisting gender-role prescribed activities

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