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Recent publications

Latest five 2019/2020 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Boluwaduro2021: Eniola Boluwaduro (2021) Patients' compliance and resistance to medical authority in Nigerian clinical encounters
  • Dupret2020: Baudouin Dupret, Clémentine Gutron (2020) The concept of heritage and the grammar of Islamic fundamentalism
  • Gan2020a: Yumei Gan, Christian Greiffenhagen, Christian Licoppe (2020) Orchestrated openings in video calls: Getting young left-behind children to greet their migrant parents
  • FloydRossiEnfield2020: (2020) Getting Others to Do Things: A Pragmatic Typology of Recruitments
  • TuncerLindwallBrown2020: Sylvaine Tuncer, Oskar Lindwall and Barry Brown (2020) Making Time: Pausing to Coordinate Video Instructions and Practical Tasks

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