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Hi Darcey, great to see your first entries to the wiki!

I know it can be confusion - so don't worry, but I made a few corrections to your first few entries, and thought I'd let you know what the problems were. I promise this will get faster and easier!


You entered

Beach, Wayne A. (1990) ‘Orienting to the phenomenon’. In: J.A. Anderson, ed. Communication Yearbook 13. Newbury Park: Sage: 216-44

As an INBOOK entry. This is in fact an INCOLLECTION entry (as are all contributions to edited volumes/books). The INBOOK type is generally for individual references to chapters within a book by a single author.

This explains why it displayed oddly on the site.

2. Chapter vs. Title vs. Booktitle

Another problem was that you put the book title in the 'title' field, and the title of the article in the 'chapter' field.

  • 'Chapter' is just for chapter numbers (if relevant).
  • 'Booktitle' is where you put the title of any edited volume or book with 'INCOLLECTION' entries in it, it would also where you would put the book title of any INBOOK entry.
  • 'Title' is just for the title of the article itself, so for the above Beach reference: 'Orienting to the Phenomenon'.

3. Special issue & the MISC category

This is an issue in general: there is no neat way to refer to Special issues in the BIBTEX file format. The solution we have - as you correctly worked out is to use 'MISC', however, you should still indicate that this is a special issue somewhere. The solution I used (see the corrected version of Beach1989) was to put 'Special issue' in the title.

This is what the publishers themselves do: so it made sense to me!

Anyway - welcome again to the wiki, and good luck with the next round. As I said, it *will* become easier and faster as you go.