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Postdoc Kobe Univ
Type Job
Categoryies (tags) postdoc
Dates - 2017/04/01
Geolocation 34° 41' 24", 135° 11' 44"
Abstract due 2016/08
Submission deadline 2016/08
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Postdoctorate fellowship in Kobe University:


The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is currently calling for applications for its various Post-Doctoral and Invitational Fellowships.

The fellowship would begin in April, 2017 for a period of 12 to 24 months. Please see the following pdf document for further details:

Tim Greer would be willing to host post-doc researchers who are interested in using Conversation Analysis (or a related discipline) to investigate some aspect of second language (L2) interaction. He is particularly interested in L2 use in mundane talk, including homestay contexts, and in service encounters and oral proficiency testing.

You must have; —a background in CA (or a related discipline) —English proficiency

If possible, it would also be good if you; — can use Transana, ELAN and Photoshop — can speak some Japanese — possess an existing research agenda related to L2 talk

Experienced researchers might also want to consider one of the Invitational fellowships—these would work well in conjunction with a sabbatical, for instance. It is important to have arranged a host-researcher before you apply.

The applications are due in August, so please contact Tim Greer as soon as possible if you are interested to apply in this area.

Contact: tim @