PhD position at Radboud (Dutch-speaking) on uncertainty in dsd and transgender care

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Type Job
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Dates 2021/07/01 - 2021/08/31
Address Radboud University, Nijmegen
Geolocation 51° 49' 19", 5° 51' 50"
Abstract due
Submission deadline 2021/08/31
Final version due
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Tweet PhD position on the project:'Navigating uncertainty in DSD and transgender care' - ideally looking for a candidate with experience of #EMCA - Dutch language essential. Supervisors: Dr @oerlemansanke (Radboudumc) and Dr @wyke_stommel (Radboud University)
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PhD position at Radboud (Dutch-speaking) on uncertainty in dsd and transgender care:


About the vacancy

  • 32-36 hours a week
  • Certain period of time: 4 years
  • Scale 10A
  • min € 2495 - max € 3196 gross per month with full employment
  • Closing date: August 31, 2021
  • Date of first interview: September 6, 2021


We are looking for a passionate PhD candidate for the research project 'Navigating uncertainty in DSD and transgender care'. We are looking for a candidate with demonstrable affinity and experience with qualitative research (preferably conversation analysis) and an interest in applying research within healthcare practice.

Uncertainty plays a major role in the care of transgender and DSD/intersex children. This uncertainty is related to medical, psychological, ethical and communicative aspects. In this multidisciplinary, innovative project you will work together with researchers and clinicians from ethics, psychology, linguistics, pediatrics and psychiatry.

The goals of this research project are to:

Understand uncertainty within transgender and DSD/intersex care. Help children, parents and healthcare professionals recognize, discuss and deal with uncertainty. The research concerns a multidisciplinary qualitative analysis of 30-40 cases in transgender and DSD/intersex care in children. Children, their parents and healthcare professionals are monitored around treatment decision-making. Two PhD students will be appointed to the project: you will analyze video recordings of consultations and multidisciplinary consultations from a conversation-analytical perspective, and the other PhD candidate will analyze interviews and consultations from an ethical/psychological perspective. You also collaborate by comparing data, integrating analyses, and translating findings into practical recommendations and interventions.

Duties and responsibilities

You will investigate the following questions:

  • Which forms of uncertainty surrounding transgender and DSD care are discussed in the literature? (conceptual analysis, together with the other PhD student)
  • How does uncertainty work interactionally in multidisciplinary consultations? (conversation analysis)
  • How does uncertainty work interactionally between parents? (interaction analysis)
  • How does uncertainty work interactionally in clinical consultations and how does this change in successive consultations? (conversation analysis)
  • How can all the findings from this project be conceptually integrated and translated into clinical practice? (conceptual analysis, together with the other PhD student).
  • As a PhD candidate, you are responsible for setting up the individual studies, recruiting participants, collecting and analyzing data and writing scientific articles that culminate in your dissertation.

The project is funded by ZonMwand concerns a collaboration between the Departments of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Psychosocial Care and Medical Psychology of Amsterdam UMC, Department of Ethics of Health Care and Department of Medical Psychology of Radboudumc, and Center for Language Studies of Radboud University. You therefore also work in different places; partly at the Department of Medical Psychology of Radboudumc, and the other half at the Center for Language Studies, Faculty of Arts, Radboud University. You can also regularly be found at the Medical Psychology department of Amsterdam UMC at the AMC location and the Pediatric Psychology department at Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc.

Your supervisors are Dr Anke Oerlemans (Radboudumc) and Dr Wyke Stommel (Radboud University). You also work closely with the other members of the project team: Dr Chris Verhaak (Radboudumc), Dr Annelou de Vries (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc), and Dr Marij Hillen (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC).