Jefferson Index now available on the new ISCA website

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Dates 2020/05/01 - 2020/06/01
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Tweet In case you haven't seen it yet, @ProfGene has edited Gail Jefferson's Annotated Indices to Sacks Lectures and made them available to ISCA members on the Society's new website
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Jefferson Index now available on the new ISCA website:


Professor Gene Lerner has edited together an invaluable set of Gail Jefferson’s annotated indices to Sacks’s Lectures.

They consist of a subject index, an author index, a data index and a methodological remarks index.

For the moment these resources are provided to ISCA members only, but NB - if cost is an issue, ISCA has a range of memberships including a heavily discounted (or free) special membership fee for anyone who can't afford it! (see