How to form an EMCA research network

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If you want to create an open EMCA network around a topic, group, or other issue, you could follow these steps:

One example of a research network page is the EMCA AI research network page.

  1. Create a wiki bibliography page where the group can ongoingly curate a relevant literature list
    • You can achieve this by picking a unique 'tag' for your group and adding it to the keywords list of each of the items you want in your bibliography
    • For example, the EMCA & Artificial Intelligence page lists all of the items tagged with "AI reference list" - though it might be best to choose a single word or 'hashtag'. You can 'edit' that page and copy the source to your new page to see how that's done.
  2. Establish public-facing announcements/social media (e.g. a twitter / FB page / IG account - though most #EMCA people are on twitter)
  3. Establish a form of asynchronous group communication (e.g. a discussion mailing list - a google group or University mailing list).
  4. Establish forms of synchronous online communication (e.g. regular Zoom meetings, a Slack channel on the EMCA Researchers Slack or something similar)
  5. Create a place to document e.g. group projects (panels, symposia, special issues, etc.), explanations for how to join, events etc.
    • This can be public (e.g. a wiki page - like the EMCA AI research network page)
    • It could also be a University website or a blog/Social media page
  6. Link your page to the EMCA Organizations page and announce it!