Call for Paper Submissions for American Sociological Association Panels 2021

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CfP ASA 21
Type Conference
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Dates 2021/01/19 - 2021/02/03
Abstract due
Submission deadline 2021/02/03
Final version due
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Tweet Calling all submissions for ASA ‘21! Entirely virtual! Submissions close 3rd Feb 2021. Find out more on or visit #emca #EMCA
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Call for Paper Submissions for American Sociological Association Panels 2021:


We are issuing a Call for paper submissions to our Section Sessions (and Regular Sessions) for the 2021 ASA Meetings which will be held virtually due to Covid 19. Last year, our Section had very robust attendance and lively discussions for each of our panels in this virtual format. We expect we’ll be even better with a year of practice!

The panel options are described below and we encourage everyone to submit in hopes of adding further panels. The submissions portal is now open and will close on February 3 at 11:59 PM Eastern time. One important change: Submitters may elect to submit either full papers (15-35 pages) or extended abstracts (3-5 pages). If participants submit an abstract and it is accepted, the full paper will be expected to be sent to the session participants at least one month before the Annual Meeting. We are hopeful that this change will encourage more submissions.

ASA’s submission process is straightforward with one exception: When you submit, you are first asked to select either “Regular Session on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis” or a “Section Session.” The regular sessions are organized by Anne Rawls ( The section sessions are organized by Tanya Stivers ( and Jay Meehan ( We encourage papers that are reporting your new work using EM and/or CA methods in all of these sessions. The organizers will work together to place papers in panels.

The section has two panels currently: “New Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis” and “Current Research in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis.” We welcome research that utilizes other methods but would be of interest to our section’s membership.

To maximize the programming of papers, after you select a first session choice, you will be asked if you would like your paper to be considered by other alternate session choices (2nd and 3rd choices). Please list as your alternate choices the other panel options listed above to enable us as organizers to maximize the programming and provide a nice group of papers for us to hear in August! If you still find this confusing (it is!) please contact any of us organizers (Jay, Anne, or Tanya).