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Type Data session
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Dates 2021/11/18 - 2021/11/18
Address University of York, UK
Geolocation 53° 56' 46", -1° 3' 6"
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Tweet Dr. Traci Walker will be coming to @CASLC_UoY for a data session on Thursday 18th November 2021 on the topic of "Answering questions about recent events" (in-person and on zoom). Please sign up to let the organisers know how many to expect in the venue
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Dear CASLC guests

Traci Walker will be coming to York - in person! - to hold a data session in our next CASLC slot.

  • Date: Thursday 18th November 2021
  • Time: 2.30pm-4.00pm (UK time)
  • Place: To be confirmed, subject to numbers.

We welcome attendance in person but expect that most CASLC guests will not be able to do so. To help us manage the event in a covid-secure way, please can you register, letting us know whether you'll be attending in person or remotely. See:

  • Dr Traci Walker
  • Division of Human Communication Sciences, Health Sciences School
  • University of Sheffield

Answering questions about recent events

Date: Thursday 18th November 2021 Time: 2.30pm-4.00pm (UK time) Place: To be confirmed, subject to numbers.

This will be a face-to-face event for those who wish to attend in that way. However, we recognise that some people won’t be able to be present, physically, or may not wish to be, given the ongoing risks posed by covid-19.

Thus, we will hold this in a hybrid way, with participants joining by zoom if they’d prefer.

Please make sure you register for the event so that we can plan accordingly (e.g. booking a room large enough for social distancing). To register, please complete a (very brief) google form, which you access by clicking this link: Having problems with the link? Please contact


In this data session we will explore how people answer two different questions about recent events, "What did you do last weekend?" and "What has been in the news recently?" The data comes from videorecorded responses to questions asked by an avatar, a talking head on a computer screen. The questions are pre-recorded, and the avatar does not understand spoken language or react to the co-participants talk in any way. Therefore, one could say that the responses are all perfectly comparable; the sequence leading up to them is held constant across different speakers. Because this is a data session, I don't want to exert too much influence over what we analyse or discuss, but I do have a few 'tricks' up my sleeve. If you think you recognise this data from the description, I'd thank you not to talk too much about it with other attendees who might not, at least until we start the session.


Dr Traci Walker is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield. She received her MA and PhD in Linguistics from the University of Colorado, after which she relocated to the UK, where she was awarded a prestigious RCUK Fellowship, held in the Department of Language & Linguistic Science at the University of York. This led to a lectureship at York, followed by her current post at Sheffield. Traci’s research investigates the function and use of linguistic structures in communication within typical and atypical populations. All her work is grounded in an interest in discovering the order and structure of language in everyday use. To that end, she works with recordings (both video and audio) of naturally-occurring interactions, combining the methods of Conversation Analysis with more traditional means of linguistic analysis.