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This list is based on a response by John Heritage to a thread on affiliation on the languse mailing list.

In that mail he notes: "Most of the older preference literature is about affiliation in a broad sense... Insofar as a lot of the basic work on repair is concerned with describing practices for the avoidance of (overt) other correction, then the same holds there"

All the references he cites are in the database list below, along with new ones (check the link above for his original list). The only item he lists in relation to 'basic work on repair' not yet in the database is:

  • Jefferson, Gail (2007). Colligation as a Device for Minimizing Repair or Disagreement. (Unpublished Ms)

Which isn't yet published (so we can't really list it).

He also notes:

"Sacks' paper is an astoundingly perceptive foundation for the whole literature (the publication came 14 years after Sacks delivered the paper). Stivers underscores a valuable distinction between affiliation and alignment in conversational actions. Schegloff (1988) distinguished between 'structure-based' and 'practice-based' preference. In general, Schegloff and Pomerantz diverge somewhat in their views of the factors underlying preference organization: As a gloss bordering on a caricature, Schegloff's more structural approach focuses more on the ways in which dispreferred actions block the implementation of sequences and their outcomes, while Pomerantz's more 'practice-oriented' approach focuses more on the social relational consequences of disagreements, refusals etc. and of the details of their designs. These are differences of emphasis: there is solid evidence for both positions, and the positions are not incompatible with one another.

Of course, in the end almost everything in conversation is somewhat connected with affiliation, but not exclusively that!"

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