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Thanks for adding your news, events and other announcements to the EMCA wiki!

This is a somewhat experimental system, so if you have any questions, comments or ideas for how to improve it, please email the admins!.

Here are the steps for adding an entry:

  1. Creating an announcement: Firstly, click hte 'add an announcement' button on the left then fill in a name for your announcement page. It should be something descriptive but short,and if it's a possibly repeating event like a conference, it should include a year. Think of a unique name, but not something that's too generic or short. Click 'create' and you will be taken to the announcement form.
  2. Announcement tyle: Choose the entry type: conference, training, workshop etc. by checking the box
  3. Full title: Write a descriptive title - this is a long title that will appear in lists. It should be long enough to be unique and descriptive - by default this is the same as the name you chose for your page. Only change it if you really need to.
  4. Short title: Think of an abbreviated title (e.g. IACA2016) this is for short lists to save space.
  5. Tweet announcement: Add a short summary - this will be posted to twitter so make it good! Include any absolutely vital information, but don't try to fit it all in... make it sound appealing! Include things like event name (short enough), key dates, locations. You only have 117 characters to do this. The tweet will go out to after a few minutes, so please check it carefully (we have over 600 followers, and don't want to spam them with incorrect information)
  6. Announcement text: You can include as much or as little information as you like. This can even replace any information you might have as a web link for your announcement.
  7. Year: Year, obs.
  8. Web link: If you have a link you want to be listed - like a CFP or registration link or something.
  9. Categories: Add categories like 'PhD' or 'Postdoc' for job listings, or 'Cognitive Science' or 'Sociology' for special issue or CFP listings. Once we have enough listings, we might want to make new lists along these lines.
  10. From date: Start date and end date for conferences or job listings. NB: NEW FEATURE: the front page listing will put the most recent 'from' dates at the top of the list, so new announcements are listed at the top.
  11. To date: End date and end date for conferences etc. If you have a deadline for a job list, the end-date will be listed as the final submission deadline for applications.
  12. Address: Where will your event / job listing / etc. apply?
  13. Location: This is a geolocation so we can make a Map of all EMCA activities worldwide, and in the future provide geographically specific listings of all the many jobs that will be available for EMCA researchers when our methodology takes over the world.
  14. Abstract due: This is the default deadline for submissions.
  15. Submission deadline: Fill in if this is different from the abstract due date'
  16. Notification due: When will you let applicants know about the result of their application?
  17. Final version due: If different from Submission deadline/Abstract due date.
  18. Free text If you have any other information you want to add and you're not sure where to put it, put it here!