PhD positions in EMCA university of Stokholm 2019

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Type Job
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Dates 2019/02/15 - 2019/03/01
Address University of Stockholm, Sweden
Geolocation 59° 21' 44", 18° 3' 28"
Abstract due
Submission deadline 2019/03/01
Final version due
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Tweet Funded PhD positions at the University of Stockholm for #EMCA researchers who speak - or are willing to learn - Swedish focusing on Interaction and people with dementia and hope care services.
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PhD positions in EMCA university of Stokholm 2019:


At the Department of Education at Stockholm University, we offer a fully paid doctoral position on dementia with the main focus on interaction. This position is designed and financed particularly for the study of home services regarding people with dementia. The announcement is in Swedish but we encourage also those international students who can speak or are willing to learn Swedish to apply as well. There is a need for multilingual researchers in the field of dementia studies. Please spread the news among your colleagues.

Ref. Nr. SU. FV. 0507-19.å-su/doktorandplatser?rmpage=job&rmjob=8208&rmlang=SE