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Funded PhD at Ulster
Type Job
Categories (tags) EMCA
Dates 2021/02/26 - 2021/02/26
Address Ulster University, Belfast
Geolocation 54° 35' 50", -5° 55' 48"
Abstract due
Submission deadline 2021/02/26
Final version due
Notification date
Tweet 🎓Funded PhD at Ulster University (Belfast) in Discourse and Social Interaction.

🗓Deadline 26th February 2021. 🔗Full info here:

  1. emca
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Funded PhD at Ulster University:


Funded PhD at Ulster University in Discourse and Social Interaction.

Discourse and social interaction provide a lens to examine social phenomena including

  • individual and social identities and relationships (eg post conflict identities, media identity construction)
  • institutional settings, practices, roles and relationships (eg institutional complaints handling, classroom interaction, therapeutic interaction)
  • the nature of social interaction itself and particular actions or practices (eg questions, turn design, epistemics).

A PhD in this area might focus directly on

  • interactional actions and practices (eg complaining, swearing, affiliation)
  • interpersonal phenomena (eg identity construction and management)
  • social/ideological issues (eg gender, power)

These potential areas of focus will be examined drawing on Conversation Analysis, Interpersonal Pragmatics, or Discourse Analysis. The choice of theoretical framing for the project will determine the details of the project design.