More than a state of mind : the temporal unfolding of cooperative action

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Praxiling seminar
Type Seminar
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Dates 2016/03/21 - 2016/03/21
Address Bâtiment Marc Bloch (BRED) Université Paul-Valéry Route de Mende 34199 Montpellier
Geolocation 43° 38' 12", 3° 52' 2"
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More than a state of mind : the temporal unfolding of cooperative action:


Alessandro Duranti, professeur à UCLA

« More than a state of mind : the temporal unfolding of cooperative action


I build on the critique of the notion of collective intentionality (or “we-intentions”) presented in The Anthropology of Intentions (Duranti 2015) and on the analysis of ritual glitches provided in Throop and Duranti (2016) to offer a view of cooperative action that goes beyond the mental model provided by analytic philosophers and cognitive scientists (e.g., Tuomela 1984 ; Tuomela and Miller 1985 ; Gilbert 1990 ; Searle 1990 ; Bratman 1993). By integrating a phenomenological approach to temporally unfolding collective activities with methods and concepts developed by anthropologists and sociologists interested in the details of human interaction, I analyze a number of video recorded cases of spontaneous activities that have often been mentioned as primary examples of collective intentionality : moving a piano together, making a toast, and playing a tune with a band. I argue that when “things go wrong” and participants’ actions require adjustments and “repairs” we become aware of some taken-for-granted properties of cooperative action and the importance of the often ignored or hidden dimensions of temporality, embodiment, ethics, and improvisation.

Salle Jourda, de 14h à 16