Map of EM/CA announcements worldwide 2016

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EM/CA Map 2016
Type Other
Categoryies (tags) News, EMCAwiki, Internal
Dates - 2016/04/01
Abstract due
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Final version due
Notification date
Tweet EMCAwiki has new features including a map of EM/CA announcements worldwide. Europe is *way* ahead now. Any more?
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Map of EM/CA announcements worldwide 2016:


[[AnnText::In March 2016 EMCA wiki has added some long-awaited new features including dynamically updated News, Conferences, Jobs, and Training opportunities pages, and iCalendar feeds you can export to your favorite calendar application. There's even a Map of EM/CA-related announcements worldwide which gives a sense of who is contributing to EM/CA wiki the most! At the moment, it's looking very European!

Let us know what you think - and if you have any items to share, please email it to us at or we can open you an account so you can post items yourself! We can list anything from a new data set to a data session - and announcements will get tweeted out to our news feed:]]