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Recent publications

Latest five 2021/2022 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Raymond2022: Chase Wesley Raymond, Anne Elizabeth Clark White (2022) On the recognitionality of references to time in social interaction
  • Yasuaki2021: Dan Yasuaki (2021) Organization of the visual structuring of the voice in a singing lesson
  • Brincher2021: Sandro Brincher, Ricardo Moutinho (2021) The intricacies and overlaps of Lebenswelt and Spielwelt during an instructed match of Counter Strike: GO
  • Rooke2021: Clementinah Rooke, John Rooke (2021) Learning to administer an IM injection: Candidate descriptions of knowledge
  • EBostrom2021: Erik Boström (2021) Finding one’s way by the dawning of patterned relationships

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