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Recent publications

Latest five 2020/2021 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Gonzalez-Martinez2021: Esther González-Martínez, Paul Drew (2021) Informings as recruitment in nurses′ intrahospital telephone calls
  • Okazawa2021: Ryo Okazawa (2021) Resisting categorization in interaction: Membership categorization analysis of sitcom humor
  • DeStefani2021b: Elwys De Stefani (2021) If-Clauses, Their Grammatical Consequents, and Their Embodied Consequence: Organizing Joint Attention in Guided Tours
  • Nishizaka2021: Aug Nishizaka (2021) Partitioning a population in agreement and disagreement
  • Heinrichsmeier2021: Rachel Heinrichsmeier (2021) Who gets to speak: The role of reported speech for identity work in complaint stories

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