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Recent publications

Latest five 2020/2021 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Luke2021: Kang Kwong Luke (2021) Parties and voices On the joint construction of conversational turns
  • Etelamaki2021: Marja Etelämäki, Liisa Voutilainen, Elina Weiste (2021) Distributing Agency and Experience in Therapeutic Interaction: Person References in Therapists' Responses to Complaints
  • Olbertz-Siitonen2021: Margarethe Olbertz-Siitonen, Arja Piirainen-Marsh (2021) Coordinating action in technology-supported shared tasks: Virtual pointing as a situated practice for mobilizing a response
  • Betz2021: (2021) OKAY across Languages: Toward a comparative approach to its use in talk-in-interaction
  • CouperKuhlen2021: Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (2021) Language over time: Some old and new uses of OKAY in American English

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