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Recent publications

Latest five 2020/2021 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Oittinen2020a: Tuire Oittinen (2020) Coordinating actions in and across interactional spaces in technology-mediated business meetings
  • Kamunen2020a: Antti Kamunen (2020) Busy embodiments: the hierarchisation of activities in multiactivity situations
  • Greer2020: Tim Greer, Zachary Nanbu (2020) General and explicit test prompts: Some consequences for topic management in paired EFL discussion tests
  • Ro2020: Eunseok Ro (2020) The social organisation of the talking phase of an extensive reading book club
  • Chiba2020: Akiko Chiba (2020) ‘It’s like a game’: An investigation of facework in ELF academic disagreement

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