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Recent publications

Latest five 2019/2020 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Bateman2020: Amanda Bateman (2020) Young children’s affective stance through embodied displays of emotion during tellings
  • Wilkinson2020: Ray Wilkinson (2020) Commentary — developing the comparative perspective in atypical interaction research
  • Hofstetter2020a: Emily Hofstetter (2020) Achieving Preallocation: Turn Transition Practices in Board Games
  • Kamunen2020: Antti Kamunen, Pentti Haddington (2020) From monitoring to co-monitoring: Projecting and prompting activity transitions at the workplace
  • PinoDoehringParry2020: Marco Pino, Ann Doehring, Ruth Parry (2020) Practitioners’ Dilemmas and Strategies in Decision-making Conversations Where Patients and Companions Take Divergent Positions on a Healthcare Measure: An Observational Study Using Conversation Analysis

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