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Recent publications

Latest five 2017/2018 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Deppermann2018b: Arnulf Deppermann (2018) Intersubjectivity and other grounds for action-coordination in an environment of restricted interaction: Coordinating with oncoming traffic when passing an obstacle
  • Merlino-Mondada2018: Sara Merlino, Lorenza Mondada (2018) Crossing the street: How pedestrians interact with cars
  • Franco-Nielsen2018: L. Alberto Franco, Mie Femø Nielsen (2018) Examining Group Facilitation In Situ: The Use of Formulations in Facilitation Practice
  • Balaman2018: Ufuk Balaman (2018) Embodied Resources in a Repetition Activity in a Preschool L2 Classroom
  • Maruyama2018: Rie Maruyama (2018) L2 Japanese Learners’ Development of Conversational Involvement during Study Abroad: An Analysis of Overlap in Talk-in-Interaction

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