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Welcome to the EM/CA wiki
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Recent publications

Latest five 2016/2017 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • Dingemanse2017: Mark Dingemanse, Giovanni Rossi, Simeon Floyd (2017) Place reference in story beginnings: A cross-linguistic study of narrative and interactional affordances
  • Herijgers2017: Marloes Herijgers, Henk Pander Maat (2017) Navigating contextual constraints in discourse: Design explications in institutional talk
  • Sugiura2017: Hideyuki Sugiura (2017) Expressing an alternative view from second position: Reversed polarity questions in everyday Japanese conversation
  • Kaneyasu2017: Michiko Kaneyasu, Shoichi Iwasaki (2017) '
  • Vasilyeva2017: Alena L Vasilyeva (2017) Practices of topic and dialogue activity management in dispute mediation

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