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=== Recent publications ===
=== Recent publications ===
Latest five 2019/2019 additions to the [[EMCA bibliography database]]:
Latest five 2019/2020 additions to the [[EMCA bibliography database]]:

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Recent publications

Latest five 2019/2020 additions to the EMCA bibliography database:

  • RChen2021: Rachel S. Y. Chen (2021) The researcher’s participant roles in ethical data collection of Autistic interaction
  • Edmonds2021: Rosalie Edmonds (2021) Balancing research goals and community expectations: The affordances of body cameras and participant observation in the study of wildlife conservation
  • Goico2021: Sara Goico (2021) The participation role of the researcher as a co-operative achievement
  • Pehkonen2021: Samu Pehkonen, Mirka Rauniomaa, Pauliina Siitonen (2021) Participating researcher or researching participant? On possible positions of the researcher in the collection (and analysis) of mobile video data
  • Hofstetter2021: Emily Hofstetter (2021) Analyzing the researcher-participant in EMCA

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