LSI Approaches to communication in and as sport​ 2018

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Type Conference
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Dates - 2017/10/15
Address Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Geolocation 39° 9' 55", -86° 31' 35"
Abstract due 2017/10/15
Submission deadline 2017/10/15
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Tweet LSI Approaches to communication in and as sport​ - IACS April 27-29 2018, Bloomington IN, DL: 15th Oct
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LSI Approaches to communication in and as sport​ 2018:


We are seeking abstract submissions from Language and social interaction scholars with current research on settings of sports and sports-media talk for a panel at the International Association for Communication in Sport, April 27-29 Bloomington Indiana, USA. Abstracts would be due to us 15 October.


A fundamental principle of LSI research is that it is with language and embodied action that we constitute our social settings and social lives. It is those shared methods of enacting our social scenes that LSI examines in its program of research. While not sharing LSI's methodologies or paradigm, this constitutive approach is a theoretical perspective shared by scholars in the field of communication and sport (e.g. Kassing et. al. 2016). This panel brings together LSI’s sporadic but longstanding engagement with the study of settings of sports and sports-media talk in order to bridge this gap, highlighting the methodological contribution LSI may make to research in communication and sport.

We welcome papers from conversation analysis, ethnomethodology, discursive psychology, (spoken) discourse analysis, ethnography of communication, multimodal interaction analysis, membership categorisation analysis and similar LSI approaches to the study of talk with topics that broadly address the panel theme such as

  • Exemplar studies of using LSI in analysis of data of individual sports
  • Novel findings of practices of sports-in-interaction (coaching, play or everyday talk about sport) or sports-media talk
  • Research linking existing themes in sports communication with LSI programs of study
  • Discussions of the challenges and benefits of LSI data collection strategies

Please email brief outline/wip abstracts (500 words) including affiliation and contact information to and by 15 October in time for inclusion in the panel submission to IACS. The panel chairs will submit directly to IACS.

Further information on IACS is available here​

Kassing, J. W., Billings, A. C., Brown, R. S., Halone, K. K., Harrison, K., Krizek, B., ... & Turman, P. D. (2004). Communication in the community of sport: The process of enacting,(re) producing, consuming, and organizing sport. Annals of the International Communication Association, 28(1), 373-409.