Job Opening: Researcher in Ethnomethodology and Video analysis Gothenburg 2017

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Type Job
Categoryies (tags) Uncategorized
Dates 2017/09/12 - 2017/09/30
Address University of Gothenburg
Geolocation 57° 41' 53", 11° 58' 19"
Abstract due 2017/09/30
Submission deadline 2017/09/30
Final version due
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Tweet Job: Researcher in Ethnomethodology and Video analysis, Gothenburg, short dl: 30th Sept 2017
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Job Opening: Researcher in Ethnomethodology and Video analysis Stockholm 2017:


"Researcher in Ethnomethodology and Video analysis”

The researcher will be working with Professor Barry Brown in Stockholm, and Dr. Oskar Lindwall at the University of Gothenburg as part of the Wallenberg foundation funded “Online instructional videos and learning of practical skills” project. This project focuses on understanding online video instruction and the learning of manual skills. The project’s main purpose is to investigate how instructional videos are used as well as the social and material context. The researcher hired on the project will conduct video analysis of the videos themselves to identify how video can be used to learn new skills and tasks, how instruction can take place without a teacher being present, and the problems or confusions that can arise. Fieldwork will be conducted by combining interviews, field studies and quasi-naturalistic video-observations to investigate the production, distribution and use of online instructional videos in non-institutional settings. The researcher working on the project should conduct ethnomethodological and conversation analysis of the instruction action through which participants attempt to follow instructions in situ.