ICCA2018 panel on recruitment and assistance

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Type Conference
Categoryies (tags) Uncategorized
Dates 2018/07/11 - 2018/07/15
Link http://icca2018.org
Address Loughborough University, UK
Geolocation 52° 46' 9", -1° 13' 29"
Abstract due 2017/09/15
Submission deadline 2017/09/30
Final version due
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Tweet CFP: ICCA 2018 panel on recruitment and assistance, DL: 15th Sept to organizers, 30th Sept abstract due
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CFP: ICCA2018 panel on recruitment and the organization of assistance in interaction:


The organization of assistance in interaction is a domain of action that CA research has only just begun to explore. The concept of recruitment covers the various ways in which one person can ask for, seek, or solicit help from another, including giving indirect and perhaps embodied indications of their need for assistance, as well as another's anticipation of someone's need for help and their offering or giving that help without being asked, without their help having been solicited. Recruitment refers not to a social action, nor a class of social actions, but to an interactional outcome or effect that participants in interaction have alternative methods to achieve (Kendrick & Drew, 2016). The identification and description of these alternative methods, as well as the principles by which they are organized, is the central aim of research on the organization of assistance.

This pane! aims to bring together cutting-edge research on the recruitment of assistance in interaction. We seek to include papers that explore, for example:

  • the linguistic and embodied (multimodal) practices participants employ to display troubles;
  • solicitations of assistance in institutional as well as ordinary settings; and
  • the role of offering and requesting in the organization of assistance.

Submit an abstract to Kobin Kendrick <kobin.kendrick@york.ac.uk> by 15 September 2017