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This is the beginnings of a help page for EMCA wiki. At the moment it's quite empty because not that many people are using the site. If you have problems using any part of the site, please leave a comment in the discussion tab (above).

Basic Wiki Functions

Your account

EMCA wiki allows anyone to view the wiki, but to add data you have to have an account registered for you. If you would like to submit information to the wiki such as news items of bibliographical references, please email the admins and we'll set you up an account.

How to log in

Once you have an account (see above), to log in click the box on the top right and follow the instructions.


How to save your changes to the wiki

Once you've edited the information you want on the wiki, press the 'save page' button (see below)


Adding entries to the wiki

See the how to help page for all the ways you can add to the wiki.

Admin functions

Moving Pages

Sometimes pages get mislabelled, or there are duplicates. If you have an admin account you have the ability to delete and move pages using the actions menu as below:

Move page.png

Deleting Pages

Right next to the 'Move' menu option above is the 'delete' option - as an admin you have the opportunity to delete unneeded pages or duplicate entries and to leave a note as to why.

Delete entry.png