Funny videos that can help to explain CA concepts

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Funny videos that help explain EM/CA concepts

This from a great thread on video 'funnies' by Ruth Parry on the languse mailing list.

From Ruth Parry

From Adam Brandt

From Cade Bushnell

From John Hindmarsh

  • This is one of my favourite ways to introduce the adjacency pair: It is quite long, but students get the gist of it pretty quickly so I don¹t play the whole thing: The Audition (from Mr Show):

From Edward Reynolds

From Christian Licoppe

From Jenny Mandelbaum

  • The first part of this sketch from Monty Python about remedial help for having your sentences completed by others is great for introducing turn-taking, tcus, projectability, etc.

  • Another Monty Python sketch, The Great Debate, is a nice way to introduce/discuss TCUs and speech exchange systems:

  • This sketch from The Whitest Kids U' Know, called The New Thing, leads to great discussions about sequence organization, conditional relevance and adjacency pairs (although some find it a little violent...)

  • This scene from Friends is useful for talking about apologies and what kinds of responses they might make relevant:

Minutes 1:36-2:45