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Please submit teaching and learning materials to this page - email admins@emcawiki.net for an account, or to suggest new resources to list. We are looking for: syllabi, course outlines, powerpoint slides, student participation and assignment exercises, assessment techniques, online resources and useful links, reference materials / book lists.

Teaching resources

Tutorials & Introductory Talks

  • Data Sessions
  • CASE advisory on equipment for recording and analysing in CA
  • Charles Antaki’s resources, Lectures on analyzing talk and interaction: [1] and his online CA tutorial [2]
  • Paul ten Have: “Doing CA”, A slide show; a 11-slide introduction, based on my book Doing conversation analysis,  for a ‘master class’ at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, 20 May 2009: a downloadable exe-file that can be played on any computer or a pdf-file with the text of the slides
  • Nick Llewellyn’s resources: http://llewellyn.nick.googlepages.com/tutorial  Notes and demonstration on analysing observational real time data
  • Richard Ogden’s Praat tutorials: https://www.york.ac.uk/language/current/resources/praat/ Video demonstrations of Praat software, how to navigate, use for typical analyses, and create stills.
  • Manny Schegloff’s homepage, includes transcription module: http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/soc/faculty/schegloff/
  • Elizabeth Stokoe: Conversations, Categories, and Applications: Methods for Analysing Interaction, Teacher's College, Columbia [3], March 23rd, 2011 Video
  • Learning How to Look and to Listen : Videos from a conference to document and illustrate the basic patterns of visual and auditory attention that are employed by researchers (e.g. Chuck Goodwin, Jürgen Streeck, John Haviland, Barbara Rogoff, Wolff-Michael Roth, Jasmine Ma, Mark Sicoli, and Sarah Jean Johnson) who use video to study social interaction.

Explanatory guides


Software Tutorials



EMCA in Other Languages

Other resources


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Videos for use in lectures/presentations

Useful clips to send to students