A Video Turn in Linguistics?

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Video Turn 2018
Type Conference
Categoryies (tags) video, linguistics, ethnomethodology, conversation analysis
Dates 2018/06/06 - 2018/06/08
Link https://vals-asla2018.philhist.unibas.ch
Abstract due 2017/12/15
Submission deadline 2017/12/01
Final version due
Notification date 2018/02/15
Tweet A Video Turn in Linguistics? University of Basel, 06-08/06/2018, submission deadline: 01/12/2017
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A Video Turn in Linguistics?:


We are happy to announce the new conference “ A Video Turn in Linguistics?”

The use of video is spreading in all domains of the human and social sciences, and particularly in linguistics and applied linguistics. This « video turn » has several methodological, theoretical, and applied consequences. Methodologically, video allows the researcher to collect data of increasing complexity, in order to document not only the gestural and embodied dimension of spoken language but also the visual dimension of written language, as well as the visual and embodied aspects of technologically mediated communication. Crucially, the use of video raises theoretical issues, inviting to re-think language, action, cognition, culture and social order, by recognizing the fundamental importance of embodiment and more generally of multimodality. The applied consequences are important too, since video offers new ways of communicating, sharing, and circulating scientific results, in particular with people filmed and targeted by video research.

Despite a real boom experienced by video these last decades, a lot of theoretical and analytical issues, methodological and technological problems, and questions about the usability and impact of video data remain. Often the potentialities of video remain under-estimated and under-exploited. This conference aims at showcasing and reflecting about the diversity of uses of video in linguistics and neighboring disciplines.

We invite scholars to submit a paper contributing to one of the following topical sections: a) On multimodal analysis through the use of video recordings b) On methodological issues concerning the use of video data c) On the applied issues concerning the use of videos for communicating with the public

Contributions can be submitted in English, French, German and Italian. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words.

Submission deadline is 01/12/2017.

For further details, please consult our website: https://vals-asla2018.philhist.unibas.ch

Organising Committee vals-asla2018-dslw(at)unibas.ch