SQIP virtual seminar series 2020 - Dec 7th - Current Directions in Discursive Psychology

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Type Seminar
Categories (tags) seminar, DP
Dates 2020/12/07 - 2020/12/07
Link http://sqip.org/sqip-2020-2-0-announcing-the-sqip-virtual-salon/
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Tweet The Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology presents its 7th 4-5:30pm ET December Virtual Salon: "Current Directions in Discursive Psychology" featuring @Laurakilby2 @sheffhallamuni, Chris McVittie @QMUniversity, and @RahulVoy @tcddublin
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SQIP virtual seminar series 2020 - Dec 7th - Current Directions in Discursive Psychology:


  • December 7th, 4PM – 5:30 ET
  • “Current Directions in Discursive Psychology”
  • ORGANIZER: Laura Kilby
  • PRESENTERS: Laura Kilby, Chris McVittie, and Rahul Sambaraju


This Salon shares a collection of papers that highlight some current directions in Discursive Psychology. Our first paper engages a DP approach to explore practical concerns for women, examining how women’s ‘complaining’ about sexual harassment is managed in Indian broadcast media. Our second paper combines Conversation Analysis and DP to examine how speakers deploy talk about thinking during talk-radio debate. Our final paper similarly combines CA/DP to analyse the detail of how racism is contested in current society, examining how contributors contest what is or is not to count as racism in online discussions.


‘I would have taken this to my grave like most women’: managing legitimacy of reporting about sexual harassment during MeToo in India”

  • PRESENTER: Rahul Sambaraju
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland / Wesleyan University, * Connecticut, USA.

“Examining mental-state talk within everyday conversational debate: ‘Thinking’ rhetoric in UK talk radio”

  • PRESENTER: Laura Kilby
  • Associate Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics, * Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

‘We need to get real and get after the hard issues not the soft ones’: puzzle-resolution and challenge in online discussions of racism”

  • PRESENTER: Chris McVittie
  • Professor of Social Psychology, Division of Psychology, Sociology, and Education, Queen * * Margaret University Edinburgh, UK.