ICA-LSI Post-Conference at Georgetown 2019

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Type Conference
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Dates 2019/05/29 - 2019/05/29
Link https://www.icahdq.org/event/ValueandMoralityinPR Postconf2019
Address Georgetown University
Geolocation 38° 54' 27", -77° 4' 20"
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ICA-LSI Post-Conference at Georgetown 2019:


  • ICA Post-Conference
  • Value and Morality in Public Discourse
  • May 29, 2019
  • Georgetown University, Department of Linguistics

Concern regarding the morality, quality, and utility of public discourse is growing around the world. The organizers invite participants interested in language and social interaction (LSI) research to look beyond the moral panic and political partisanship permeating social media and the daily news cycle and to examine value (worth) and morality not as abstract philosophical, sociological, or cultural categories but as interactional phenomena. In particular, participants will reflect on the interactional mechanisms, accomplishment, social consequentiality, and cultural foundations of evaluations and assessments in public discourse.

The purpose of this post-conference is to explore questions and issues related to value and morality in public discourse from an LSI perspective. Thus, the organizers wish to offer participants an opportunity to share ideas rather than present papers. The day-long conference will begin with a data session in which a panel of senior scholars will present their individual analyses of the same excerpt from public discourse data. Panelists will include Richard Buttny (Syracuse University), Donal Carbaugh (University of Massachusetts Amherst), and Deborah Tannen (Georgetown University). After the data session, participants will continue discussing the same data excerpt in breakout sessions. The afternoon will begin with roundtable sessions dedicated to the discussion of statements participants will be asked to submit to the organizers. Finally, the morning panelists will reflect on key themes and emerging research agendas in a closing session. The day will conclude with a social event.


  • 8.30-9.00: Introductory remarks by the organizers
  • 9.00-11.00: Panel featuring senior scholars sharing their analyses of an excerpt from public discourse data
  • 11.00-11.30: Coffee break
  • 11.30-12.30: Breakout sessions dedicated to further discussion of the same data excerpt
  • 12.30-2.00: Lunch
  • 2.00-4.00: Roundtable sessions dedicated to discussions of abstracts submitted for the postconference
  • 4.00-4.30: Coffee break
  • 4.30-5.30: Closing session featuring senior scholars from the morning panel reflecting on key themes and emerging research agendas

Participants representing all approaches within the LSI field (i.e., cultural, critical, discourse, EM/CA, practice and pragmatics approaches) are invited to register.

The cost of registration is USD 50.00

Participants who register are asked to submit to the organizers a brief statement (150-200 words) responding to the following questions:

  • What are your research interests related to the post-conference theme (value and morality in public discourse)?
  • What is your preferred data (i.e., what do you regard as public discourse), and why?
  • What is your preferred research approach to public discourse?
  • What gap in relevant scholarship is your research designed to address?
  • What types of research collaborations would you be interested in pursuing?

The organizers will use these statements to organize participants into breakout and roundtable sessions. Please email your statement to LangSocInt@gmail.com by May 3, 2019.

Register for the conference here: https://www.icahdq.org/event/ValueandMoralityinPR_Postconf2019

Feel free to contact the organizers for more information.

  • Jessica Robles (Loughborough U, J.J.Robles@lboro.ac.uk)
  • Cynthia Gordon (Georgetown U, gordonc@georgetown.edu)
  • David Boromisza-Habashi (U of Colorado Boulder, dbh@colorado.edu)