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The Australasian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis is now accepting pdf copies of EM/CA/MCA theses for placement on the AIEMCA website at

Authors who have had their theses accepted by the relevant institution and not otherwise digitally published can email pdf copies of their thesis to Nathaniel Mitchell. at aiemca AT aiemca DOT net for placement on the site.

Video and audio files of up to 5mb related to the thesis and not otherwise bound by copyright or ethical restrictions can also be placed online. Please note that formatting and editing of the theses remains the responsibility of the author, and AIEMCA will only place pdfs online.

Supervisors whose students may have left academia are particularly encouraged to facilitate this process in order to help unpublished works get into the hands of those who can use it.

Theses will be stored online in the AIEMCA thesis repository. A number of theses already received are online. Click the link under ‘Publications > Dissertations’. There is also a series of conference video diaries. These diaries include introductory discussions of EM/CA/MCA topics from various scholars. Hosted through AIEMCA's youtube channel, the videos are designed to improve the visibility and accessibility of EM/CA/MCA to students and the general public.