ESI - Exploring Social Interaction conference 2021

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ESI conference 2021
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Dates 2021/06/23 - 2021/06/25
Address Online
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Tweet The Danish network on human interaction, MOVIN, celebrates its 25th anniversary from June 23-25, 2021 with the conference “Exploring Social Interaction” (ESI).
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ESI - Exploring Social Interaction conference 2021:


The Danish network on human interaction, MOVIN, celebrates its 25th anniversary from June 23-25, 2021.

The network consists of researchers from Roskilde University, The University of Aalborg, The University of Aarhus, The University of Copenhagen, and The University of Southern Denmark. Throughout more than 25 years MOVIN has conducted a wide range of studies in a variety of settings with a focus on all kinds of aspects of possible relevance to social interaction. With the conference “Exploring Social Interaction”(ESI), we celebrate our cooperation in the network and the research curiosity that characterizes it. Notice that ESI is organized as a virtual event.

Register free of charges at Conference contact: Johannes Wagner,

PROGRAMME (all times are in CEST - Central European Summer Time)

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

09.00-09.30 Opening: Why this now?

09.45-12.00 A grammar of Danish talk-in-interaction With Maria Jørgensen, Aarhus; Nicholas Mikkelsen, Aarhus; Marja-Leena Sorjonen, Helsinki, Jakob Steensig, Aarhus

The GEL project (Grammar in Everyday Life) analyzes three action types in Danish everyday interactions with the purpose of using these action descriptions as a basis for constructing a grammar of Danish talk-in-interaction. In our panel, the current GEL project members (Maria Jørgensen, Nicholas Mikkelsen and Jakob Steensig) will present their results on “proform questions”, requests for immediate action and the use of the final particle ikkå (close to ‘right’, but not quite) and sum up some consequences of these results for a grammatical description. Marja-Leena Sorjonen will then comment on the presented papers and discuss the suggested implications. After this, we open up to a discussion based on discussion points we have set up.

14.30-17.00 Doing leadership in meetings

 14.30-14.35 Christian Dyrlund Wåhlin-Jacobsen, Copenhagen: Welcome and Agenda 
 14.35-14.50 Magnus Larsson, Copenhagen: Leadership in Interaction so far - A brief overview
 14.50-14.55 Short break/energizer
 14.55-15.30 Jonathan Clifton, Valenciennes: A multimodal approach to leadership in interaction
 15.30-15.45 Break
 15.45-16.30 Data session
 16.30-16.40 Break
 16.40-17.00 Wrap-up discussion - where are we going as a field, and what are the tasks and challenges ahead?

18.00-20.30 Exploring blind people in interaction

 18.00-18.10 Brian Due, Copenhagen: Introduction - What gets respecified by studying visual impairment as natural practical action?
 18.10-18.45 Mark Relieu, Paris: Coping with asymmetry. The production and reception of help proposals from pedestrians to visually impaired persons during a course in Locomotion and Orientation
 18.45-18.55 Break
 18.55-19.30 Jürgen Streeck and Rachel Chen (Austin): On the Blindism Spectrum
 19.30-19.40 Break
 19.40-20.15 Rikke Nielsen, Brian L. Due and Louise Lüchow, Copenhagen: Respecifying “glancing”, “searching” and “staring” as digitally mediated practices.  
 20.15-20.30 General discussion

Thursday, June 24, 2021

09.00-11.30 Travelling together: Exploring train passenger practices. Graphic transcript workshop on 360 train data

 09.00-09.10 Laure Bang Lindegaard & Tobias Boelt Back, Aalborg: Presentation of travelling together project   
 09.10-09.40 Data session
 09.40-09.50 Break
 09.50-10.00 Eric Laurier, Edinburgh: introduction to graphic transcripts
 10.00-10.45 Transcription in groups
 10.45-11.30 Presentation of group work and discussion

13.00-15.30 Drawing upon semiotic resources in social interaction – the case of shopping

 13.00-13.05 Gitte Rasmussen, Odense:  Introduction to the panel 
 13.05-13.30 Elwys De Stefani, Leuven: On the way to the counter: How shoppers identify purchasable items and how they accomplish couplehood
 13.30-13.35 Break
 13.35-14.00 Spencer Hazel, Newcastle: Being the phenomenon - the body as tool for studying interaction
 14.00-14.10 Break
 14.10-14.30 Elisabeth Kristiansen & Gitte Rasmussen, Odense: The role of plastic bags in the routine practice of closing face-to-face buying/selling encounters
 14.30-14.40 Break
 14.40-15.30 Anja Stuckenbrock, Heidelberg: Noticing things at the market (Data-session)

18.00-20.30 Mobility in shared public space. Interdisciplinary understanding of the system characteristics of Traffic

 18.00-18.10 Kristian Mortensen, Kolding: Introduction
 18.10-18.25 David Sirkin, Stanford & Rebecca Currano, Stanford: Exploring the complexities of situation awareness in automated driving
 18.25-18.40 Wendy Ju, New York: Where did this AV learn to drive?
 18.40-18.55 Erik Vinkhuyzen, Silicon Valley: Beyond eHMI: communication between AVs and people on the road
 18.55-19.05 Break
 19.05-19.20 Kristian Mortensen, Kolding & Johannes Wagner, Kolding: Good reasons for bending the rules 
 19.20-19.45 Kerstin Fischer, Sønderborg: How feasible is doing being oblivious on a robot?
 19.45-20.00 Antonia Krummheuer, Aalborg: Setting the turn signal. The situated and moral order of wheelchair navigation in a supermarket
 20.00-20.30 Discussion

Friday, June 25, 2021

09.30-12.00 Professionals’ video-mediated encounters

 09:30-09:35 Social opening
 09:35-09:55 Mie Femø Nielsen, Copenhagen: Using professionals' video-mediated encounters to study formality
 09:55-10:00 Physical energizer
 10:00-10:30 Brian Due, Rikke Nielsen, Louise Lüchow (all Copenhagen): Video-Mediated Interaction and blindness: Preliminary observations on the accomplishment of organizing a face-to-screenface formation without sight. 
 10:30-10:40 Screen break
 10:40-11:00 Bergur Rønne Moberg, Copenhagen: Respecifying presence
 11:00-11:15 Eye exercise and social break
 11:15-11:35 Discussant: Jan Svennevig, Kistiansand
 11:35-12:00 Facilitated open floor discussion with mix of written and verbal input 

13.30-16.00 Interactional approaches to second language learning and teaching

 13.30-13.40 Johannes Wagner, Kolding: Introduction
 13.40-14.00 Marta Kirilova, Copenhagen: ’Getting the job done’: Conventional expressions and their meaning for L2-learning – a case from a job interview  
 14.00-14.20 Guðrún Theódórsdóttir, Reykjavik & Søren Wind Eskildsen, Kolding: Learning L2 Icelandic in the wild: The case of requesting in service encounters
 14.20-14.40 Louise Tranekær & Catherine E. Brouwer: From EMCA to gameplay – building second language learning games from etnomethodological findings.
 14.40-14.50 Break
 14.50-15.10 Tim Greer, Kobe & Johannes Wagner, Kolding:  Study abroad interactions in the life world 
 15.20-15.40 Niina Lilja, Tampere: Language on the side: instructing manual and bodily actions in second language contexts 
 15.40-16.00 Concluding Discussion: What is the status of the field? What do we need to do next?

16.30-17.30 Closing