CA and Psychotherapy Conference 2021

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Type Conference
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Dates 2021/10/07 - 2021/10/09
Address University of Ghent, Belgium
Geolocation 51° 2' 48", 3° 43' 41"
Abstract due 2021/04/30
Submission deadline 2021/04/30
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Tweet The International Conference on CA and Psychotherapy, 7-9 Oct. 2021, Plenaries by Robert Elliott and Alexa Hepburn, Extended Deadline: April 30th 2021 #EMCA
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CA and Psychotherapy Conference 2021:


International Conference on Conversation Analysis and Psychotherapy Ghent, Belgium, October 7-9, 2021

The Psychotherapy Relationship

The International Conference on Conversation Analysis and Psychotherapy has been established as an international forum for building and developing research on psychotherapy from a conversation analytic perspective. In 2021, the focus of the conference will be the psychotherapy relationship.

Interest in the relationship between therapist and client has been central from the earliest days of psychotherapy. There is much agreement that the therapeutic relationship bears a significant relation to treatment outcome; it can help make therapy effective and provide a healing context for change. Most of the research on the therapy relationship to date has used quantitative methods drawn from clients, therapists or observers’ appraisal (e.g., based on questionnaires or checklist type measures). Much less energy has been committed to the detailed examination of the specifics of in-therapy events and how that may develop our qualitative understanding of how a therapy relationship is achieved through therapists’ and clients’ talk and conduct.

Conversation Analysis (CA), which examines the moment-by-moment sequential organization of social interaction in everyday and institutional contexts, has provided many insights into our understanding of how important psychotherapeutic ‘business’ is accomplished. This includes the psychotherapy relationship, but also many other kinds of important phenomena grounded in talk & conduct such as the alliance, empathy, emotional displays, epistemics and change, just to name a few.

The conference brings together conversation analysts and researchers from related disciplines who study psychotherapy or other types of mental health care encounters, such as counselling or psychiatric consultations. We also aim to further the dialogue between CA, clinical psychotherapy research and clinical work.

Plenary talks will be given by Robert Elliott and Alexa Hepburn.

  • Call for papers:
  • Submission Deadline Extended: April, 30, 2021 – Read more