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Type Job
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Dates 2021/10/01 - 2022/01/01
Link https://www.ubjobs.buffalo.edu/postings/27322
Address University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Geolocation 42° 53' 11", -78° 52' 42"
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Tweet 2 year #EMCA Postdoctoral Position at CADL on interaction of people with complex communication needs who use augmentative and alternative communication technologies (ACTs) starting 1st January 2022
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EMCA Postdoctoral Position at CADL

We are looking for an individual with an earned PhD or close to graduation, to work with us to apply their knowledge of EMCA and talk-in-interaction to work with us to research the in-person interaction (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/242536275_In-Person_Interaction_in_AAC_New_Perspectives_on_Utterances_Multimodality_Timing_and_Device_Design) of individuals with complex communication needs who use augmentative and alternative communication technologies (ACTs) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmentative_and_alternative_communication#cite_note-cook-173). This position would be of particular interest to the talk-in-interaction researcher who is interested in having their research contribute to real world impacts for individuals with communication disabilities. Jeff Higginbotham, the director of this project, has dedicated his career to studying the interactions of individuals with complex communication needs and their use of ACTs to mediate their communication. His lab, the Communication and Assistive Device Laboratory (CADL) (https://ubwp.buffalo.edu/cadl/) is a cutting edge research and development lab where people work in an inclusive and supportive environment. Our research disseminations are open source, meaning that we do our best to disseminate our research findings and prototypes to a broad community of researchers, developers and consumers.

Position Summary:

Work closely with PI, Jeff Higginbotham on the Engelke Family Foundation funded project to research the talk-in-interactions of individuals with complex communication needs (e.g., ALS, cerebral palsy, intellectual and developmental disabilities) and collaborate on the design of Augmentative Communication Technologies (ACTs) to reduce the temporal-sequential problems associated with their use. The trainee will engage in fieldwork, collect and analyze social interaction videos, research the literature in conversation analysis for potential interaction-based solutions, and collaborate on new ACT designs. The trainee will also assist in training student researchers and other collaborators in microanalysis and conversation analysis.

Minimum Qualifications (Position):

  • PhD in social sciences or communicative disorders

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A strong disciplinary background in conversation analysis, micro-ethnography and/or types of talk-in-interaction research. Previous fieldwork experience researching and/or working with individuals with disabilities preferred. Previous work related to technology / assistive technology design is desirable. The candidate must have excellent written and verbal skills.

Description of Job Duty:

  • Work closely with the PI on Project Converse, investigating the interaction problems faced by individuals with disabilities and their partners using ACTs. The trainee will assist data collection and the analysis of a large collection of video data. The trainee will also be responsible for researching the current literature in talk-in-interaction for ways to re-engineer ACTs to be more conversant and pragmatically effective in face-to-face interaction contexts. Finally the trainee will collaborate with other researchers and engineers on related ACT design projects.
  • Percent of Time: 100%
  • Salary Range: 50 - 55k
  • Duration of postdoc up to 2 years
  • Starting Date: The position is available starting January 1, 2022.
  • Supervisor:
    • Jeff Higginbotham, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Communication and Assistive Device Laboratory (CADL), Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences, 122 Cary Hall (South Campus), University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 14222 cdsjeff@buffalo.edu
  • Apply through https://www.ubjobs.buffalo.edu/postings/27322
  • Please include a statement of interest, CV and 2 references (name, phone, email). After applying, please email Dr. Higginbotham with your UBJobs account number.