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This is a starting point for an information resource on interaction with artificial agents and other uses of AI/ML methods in EMCA research. Feel free to reorganize/add stuff as it's still early days. The page may also move at some point when we decide on a better name, so be aware that external links to this page may need to be redirected.

There is an associated EMCA-Research Slack channel for discussions #artifical-agents - please contact SaulAlbert (talk) for access.

Panel/Workshop venues

One idea we've discussed so far is to organize a panel or series of workshops at venues that host intersections between EMCA and AI - some more one than the other:

Workshop/course ideas

We've discussed designing courses and workshops - there's clearly a space for these since there's a lot of knowledge that could/should be exchanged:

  • Conversation Analysis for Conversation Designers
  • Conversation Design for Conversation Analysts

Projects / project ideas

Please add any projects you or someone you know are working on that might fit into this tentative category