11 PhDs and a Postdoc in Stockholm

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Type Job
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Dates 2019/03/21 - 2019/04/15
Link https://www.su.se/english/about/working-at-su/phd?rmpage=job&rmjob=8414&rmlang=UK&fbclid=IwAR1Oy7EwGoSqqObk2Pt1AZ-31FpNeJvmB5o4xxcp5hynaMUkKEAnOjlNCho
Address Stockholm University, Sweden
Geolocation 59° 21' 44", 18° 3' 28"
Abstract due 2019/04/15
Submission deadline 2019/04/15
Final version due
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Tweet 11 funded PhD positions and a Postdoc at Stockholm University, working in HCI and the social sciences, would suit applicants with #EMCA interest/specialism. Postdoc is a 2 year position on ethnographic studies on hackers (opens April). Pass it on!
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11 PhDs and a Postdoc in Stockholm:


We have two interesting PhD opportunities open. The first is working with Airi Lampinen and myself - we are looking for a PhD student for a position in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), focused on ethnographic research regarding technologies used for economic and social exchange. The position is suitable for students from both social scientific and technical backgrounds. Deadline for applications on April 15.


The second is an open call in our department for *ten* open PhD programs. While the call is open for any position in the computing sciences, the department overall has a strong focus on HCI and the social sciences. We are happy to advise students who would like to apply to these open positions:


Sweden is one of the best places in the world to do a PhD - an open, friendly, environment, with a good salary and conditions for the five years of the PhD. Our research group currently has eight researchers working on a range of topics across the computing & social sciences. We publish at a high level with a supportive international environment. Applicants for both positions need to have a masters in a relevant field (or be about to complete one).

Send an email to either myself <barry@dsv.su.se> or airi <airi@dsv.su.se> if you have any specific questions. Please apply!




We also have a two year post-doc on ethnographic studies of hackers that will be open next month. If you know anyone who could be a good candidate let me know.